Get A Price Quote

At Limousine Seattle we have the best deals! Our prices are competitive and we have no hidden fees! In addition to great deals, we offer the absolute best service in Washington! We don't publish our rates on line but if you give us a call and let us know a few simple details about your event, we can give you a quote on a luxury limousine, limo bus, or shuttle bus! All we need to know if the date of the event, the time and location of pick up, the number of passengers, and the time and location of drop off! Be sure to let us know the type of event as well so we can let you know if we're running any promotions or special rates!

If you're on a tight budget our agents may ask a few more questions to be sure to look into every possible option for you - such as if you're flexible on time or date (for example an afternoon vs an evening pick up would be less expensive, as would a week day vs a weekend). We understand some events aren't flexible, but you're planning a night out just for fun and want the lowest possible rate, try avoiding planning the event during the peak season of late spring-early summer.

Our agents are available 24/7 so give us a call any time to get your quote or make your reservation!